Minimum specifications for the full speed of citra!

I beg you…please can anyone tell me what is the minimum requirements for playing pokemon games in citra at 100% speed.please help me…

look for each game at their respective wiki at:

look for at tester using most recent builds, their system and the rating that they gave,
this may be a good indication on how well does a game perform under that specific system,
use as a base for comparison.

Every game’s performance is different. It is recommended to use a CPU with high single core performance. With the GPU changes in Canary, a high performance GPU is recommended, preferably a dedicated one.

The Citra FAQ lists the recommended Single Thread Rating (STR) as at least 1,800, which is from my experience, a minimum if you want full speed on most titles. You can check your STR here:

Your particular configuration, CPU, GPU (even more so with Canary), OS and driver version, all have significant impact on your performance, so there is no real golden configuration.

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I have a crappy laptop with an i7-7500U fixed at 3.0GHz and a GT 940MX and I can run most games at 100FPS+
I also noticed the latest Canary received a 10FPS improvement, which makes the laggiest part of MK7 now run at 71FPS
So you don’t need a beefy computer for Citra

Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon still runs at around 20FPS. It’s my favorite game of all time and I’m looking forward to playing it in HD at reasonable speed with audio someday

The i7-7500U (at 2.7 GHz, is yours actually 3.0?) has a STR of 1,931 thats a pretty good CPU for emulation.

In the general case. Most games should run at full speed (and many above full speed) with the specs that @ILoveSMB has, but many titles require beefier specs and some might not run at full speed at all yet.

i7-7500U has a base clock of 2.7 and turbo boost of 3.5, but my computer always overheats at 3.1+ so I use throttlestop to lock it at 3.0

Recording with OBS seems to have a great impact on OBS, as the framerate can drop from 100FPS to 55FPS.

As far as I’m concerned, the maximum FPS in Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon ever achieved is around 40FPS with something like i7-8700K 1080Ti, and the audio is of course messed up. The game also crashes when you try to capture a ghost.

Since we are on the topic of perfomance on Citra: How multithreaded is Citra? How many cores does it take advantage off? I get that single threaded performance is way more important but I assume that Citra still benefits from more than two cores, the lowest amount on modern cpus.

For practical purposes, it is single threaded. Technically, however, the threads are split up like emulation (the main one of importance), Qt frontend, multiplayer, webservices. and some other ones.

How about Shader Compilation though? In my experience that is still the biggest joy killer. Especially on my laptop (running a i5 2320m with 2c/4t usually running @ ~3ghz) where games practically pause for a second or 2 when a large new scene have to be loaded for the first time. Which is curious as my desktop (running the older 2500K with 4c/4t albeit overclocked to 4.3 ghz) the games only stutter for like a fraction of a second when doing the exact same scene. I’m trying to figure out wether this difference is caused by the 1.3 ghz clock difference, the higher core count or something entirely else.