Mionster Hunter XX 3ds


Monster Hunter XX - Double Cross (English Patched v4) Decrypted.3ds

If this is prepatched then that is the problem, you are supposed to dump MHXX untouched then install the pach afterwards on Citra using the File->Install CIA... option.

I recommend that you redump MHXX properly from your 3DS using Citra’s guides at the wiki page. Then patch afterwards(not directly on the rom this time).


Will give it a try now then


Unable to install v5 but was able to get version 2.1 working (all the dialogue is in jap, but the ui in englis) with the cia, version v5 does boot up but in Jap. I think I can work with this probably now I can at least hunt monsters now. Unless you kow how to make it work