Mismatched Country in Ultra Moon

Hello there!

I basically set up Citra Canary + Pokemon Ultra Moon as a playground for messing with savegame editor PKHeX.

The game runs quite well with Canary builds but the problem, that I noticed only after opening my save file in PKHex, is that while my game is European (and the region is correctly set as EUR in Citra configuration), both the Trainer and caught pokes Country (not Region) is set to “United States”, resulting in illegal pokemons. (I assumed Citra would read my computer settings and set the country to mine, which is Italy)

Any idea how I can fix this? Is the Country hardcoded somewhere in Citra, and if so can I change it somehow? Thanks!

PS: I voluntarily started the game in English cause I prefer to have all the moves with the original names, but this shouldn’t be a problem…

System Information

Thanks for any input!

Dump your config savegame, catch a pokemon and save the game to see if it’s still illegal.

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mmmh I didn’t think of that, Canary never asked me to and the game runs just fine even without a system dump… I’ll try as soon as I can fiddle a bit, thanks!