Models slowing down fps

inazuama eleven go galaxy when im playing and models show up but in the preivous game its normal when models show up thanks
citra_log.txt (72.2 KB)

Post your system information, OS, CPU, GPU, Citra version.

u found an english patch or playing raw jap?
if u found/made a patch link please.

and i am pretty sure it is slowing it down cos citra is trying to render it in 3d instead of 2d,

canary 673

raw Japanese and what do you men in 3d not 2d

there is no point in rendering the models in 3d as the pc screen does not support 3d unless u switch on the option in citra settings, but i am pretty sure even when the setting is off citra renders a lot of things in 3d by default.
just that the type of 3d it is trying to show is useless without the 3ds screen hardware to support it.

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could you show me where is the option thanks

On the main menu go to options (probably the green button like mhx), you should see something written like '3D ’ mixed with japanese characters (idk), try toggling this option.

is that in the game or citra

Game, on the main menu.


oh, now i see,for some reason i was confusing this with mhxx. i have no idea if inazuma has this options or if it affects performance, sorry.

oh ok thanks but if u found a soltion please tell me and the spainesh are translating the game but not for citra they did chapter one

I was speaking of ^

huh where is that thingy


so i should enable it or disable it

i am pretty sure u missed this

i was just pointing out then even when that setting is off it renders a lot of things in 3d just the said 3d is useless without the 3ds screen.

oh my bad thanks again for your help