Monster hunter 4 Ultimate Runs awesome! thanks citra!

at first it was running very bad so i started looking around what i could do about the blurriness and the weird dots/dither spread all across the screen. thanks to the cheatcode the community provided i got rid of all problems:
610572CC 00000000
B10572CC 00000000
00006BA8 010F036E
D2000000 00000000

now its running absolutely amazing on my not-even-that-impressive computer.
in case anyone wonders i’m using a gtx1060 6gb and i5-9600k and i’m able to crank it up to 7x internal resolution. thank you guys who made citra so much for making this possible

intro mission video to show performance:

edit: wow i just noticed the hd texture pack lol, someone give tywald a medal, sadly my above video does not feature them