Monster Hunter G D Pad help

Hello, i would like to ask if it’s possible to use the mouse as attack and a camera control for this game? It’s hard to play without a controller and only using a keyboard for the D pad and everything is difficult.
Is it possible to use the mouse as a D pad for MHG’s Camera control? thanks.

Someone has found a solution to C-Stick games on Citra a while ago. It works really well.

I’ve followed this guide and customized my keybindings for Monster Hunter games, so I have WASD for moving the character, etc… If you want the full keybindings just tell me.

that’d be a big help if you could share, do you use the mouse as the camera controls too?

Yes, I use the mouse to control the camera, it works just fine.

The keybindings I made for Monster Hunter, I feel fairly comfortable using it:
(Copy the line below and paste into the Keylist shown in the tutorial)

You can customize the keybindings however you like. Let me know your thoughts. I think there’s still room for improvement.

well i tried the instructions and copied your keys, it wont let me move anything, do i have to restore the defaults of inputs in the citra for it to work?

There should be a shortcut key to turn AutoHotKey on and off, the default key is F1, I’m using the combo Windows+X, have you tried pressing F1?

ooh found, thanks a lot, man, it works great

You’re welcome, glad I can help.