Monster Hunter Generations DLC


Been playing through the emulated version of this game with my partner and we’ve been thoroughly enjoying it like we used to on our 3DS’.
Now I’ve seen some posts around where people have gotten the Event quests working (effectively the DLC) and was wondering how people have done that and how can I get get it up for us?

We still have our 3DS consoles with our saves, and I’ve read that the DLC is in the save file for some MH games. If that’s the case for Generations then could someone help guide me in getting the save from my 3DS and possibly putting the DLC into our citra save or just getting the 3DS save into citra.

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Just follow this guide:

for MHGen it’s just extdata. The DLC + the save is stored on the same file system so make sure you download the DLC first on your 3DS before dumping the save with Checkpoint.

Thank you both for the link and confirmation that it’s possible.
And just so I understand correctly.
Whilst the DLC is extra data, it is still tied to the save imported from the 3DS right?