Monster Hunter Generations (EUR) Not Loading

Hi all. I’m new to Citra, but not emulation. I just love MH, so I want to play it on any and all available platforms!

When loading up Monster Hunter Generations (EUR) (The file is decrypted, BTW.), I notice 2 error screens, one for the game itself and another for the background system screen:


Can anyone help me figure this out please? I checked the compatibility list and it says that MHG runs great, so I decided to go ahead and give the emulator a shot. Maybe I’m not optimizing my emulator’s settings? Maybe I need a workaround for MHG? I’m all ears.

When I say it runs great, I mean not perfect. Just pointing out that I am aware that issues for the game exist.

Maybe these are indicators of what I may be doing wrong:

Under the page for MHG, it says that system files are required and that shared fonts are required. What do these 2 things mean?

It means you are going to need to dump system archives. The instructions are here.

Well that’s frustrating, I didn’t think I’d need an actual 3DS for anything having to do with emulating 3DS games. I’ll keep Citra on the back burner for now. Thanks for the info!