Monster Hunter Stories


I decrypted and created a backup of my cartridge copy and then used Checkpoint to backup a copy of my save file from the console since the cartridges for this game don’t contain your save data.

Everything worked fine using my 3DS but my question is related to the save file. It created a backup of a handful of files and I’m unsure which is the one that is compatible with Citra?

Off topic I’m pleased with the progress and compatibility Citra has been able to to bring to emulation thus far but has there been any updates or progress on Monster Hunter Stories? I know currently it doesn’t have much compatibility.

Save file itself should be mhr_game0.sav and this game only stores it as extdata.

Make sure you use codes to turn off the 3D effect and cap the fps to 60 or 30 (default is 200 set by Capcom):

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