Monster Hunter XX graphic glitch caused by recent update

This started happening since Canary Build - 2763adf, no such problem in earlier builds. White-colored flickering garbage on left side of the screen during character select with a diagonal line (barely visible on screenshot but very visible in motion), incredibly distracting black flickering garbage when in-game. Happens on CPU, GPU and the unsupported Hybrid shader modes with and without accurate shader enabled. Seems to not happen on software but it’s so grainy and slow it’s really a bit hard to tell.

CPU: Intel I5-2400
GPU: Nvidia 1050 GTX
OS: Windows 7

same with canary,nightly recent update

CPU: Intel I7-8400
RAM: 16 GB
GPU: Nvidia 1060 GTX
OS: Windows 10

Does following this fix anything?

thx it ok now thx so much

Is it possible to have Citra tell the driver to disable Tile Caching? Afaik Nvidia Profile Inspector isn’t available for Linux users and I don’t think the performance loss really outweights the risk for these artifacts. Especially considering most users are CPU limited anyway.

Linux can use Wine iirc

That fixed it, thanks.