Monster Hunter XX Graphical Issues


Recently started playing MH again. Canary build is great, solid frames only minor issues i’ve encountered are a slight drop in frames when using flash / sonic bombs or when a monster roars. Not a big deal as it’s only for a second or two. However, i recently encountered the Nargacuga in game and when it enrages instead of it’s eyes going red, red blurs occur and flicker rapidly all over the screen like in the screenshot below. I tested on the nightly build and this doesn’t happen but my frame rate on there is completely unplayable.

Any thoughts or help would be greatly appreciated.

If I were to guess, this is related the geometry shaders. You can test this out by changing hw_shaders vaiue from 1 to 2 in qt-config.ini. This will keep gpu vertex shader emulation but will fall back to cpu geometry shader emulation. Note that this setting is not something that is planned to be supported anytime soon hence it is hidden away in the configuration file.


Hey Leo,

Just gave it a try and it works great. Thanks for the help :slight_smile: