Monster Hunter XX Possible?

Is it possible or will Citra can Run Monster Hunter series someday?? :joy:
i really waiting till Citra can render the graphical unit in Monster Hunter series :sweat:

maybe it’s too absurd to ask this but goddamn i really wanna play this latest Gen of monster hunter

well you can always use an actual 3ds console

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that’s my main problem
i don’d have any 3ds console :joy:

Umm, piracy alert? Citra requires to dump the games from the 3DS, how else would you run it?

We don’t support piracy and you are on your own here.

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Yea, I tried monster hunter xx and it is possible on citra

:joy: how’s the performance

pretty poor, but at least it runs, so quite possible for it to be playable in the future :slight_smile: