Monster Hunter XX Regression

The dreaded texture cache bug that made Astalos and every monster’s roar absolutely destroy the framerates got fixed a while ago and now it’s back. Happened somewhere between a canary version from 01-22 and today’s, I can’t see any changes on github that immediately seem like they might’ve done it.

System Information

  • Operating System: Windows 7
  • CPU: I5-2400
  • GPU: GTX 1050
  • Citra Version (found in title bar): Canary 1173
  • Game: Monster Hunter XX

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Check out this response:

Most bizzare, since it appears it was taken out a long time ago and yet there were no slowdowns on a build two days old, probably 1169 or 1168.

can you check that? there weren’t any major changes between 1168 and current.

Yep, just as I remembered - in 1169 the problem is significantly smaller. In 1173 Astalos causes the game to run at between 18-22 frames after a few seconds of encountering him. In 1169 there are still minor drops but it doesn’t dip below 25 and generally stays on 27-28 seemingly depending on whether both wings are on screen or not. Roars also do not cause any noticeable drops on 1169, 1173 has roars dropping the framerate to 20-25. Checked on the same mission in the exact same location, even tried looking in the same directions of the map. Exact same configuration on both versions, copypasted the entire user folder.

EDIT: Actually double and triple checking it seems the problem still happens in 1169 as well as 1164 but only sometimes, sometimes it runs normally. And yet I’m dead certain I’ve fought Astalos in the last few days without any framerate issues. I’ll try to test a few earlier builds just to be sure.

Test again both canary builds where it lags in game and upload both logs. also idk if the 3D effect affects performance on MHXX it it definitely does on MHX, did you disable that on in-game options?
your pc shouldn’t be struggling that much with this game. also decrease internal resolution if it is too high.

Okay, after messing around a bunch this seems impossible to test reliably. It appears earlier versions like 1169 simply have a much lower chance of this problem occuring and whether or not it does seems to be completely random, I can fight for a while before any drops start happening although it isn’t entirely consistent. 1173 drops to 22 frames as soon as Astalos comes into frame however. Guess I was just REALLY lucky that week or so ago when I had no major issues. Here’s logs for comparison for what it’s worth, 1173 vs 1169 - in both cases I disabled the framerate limit to get in the mission, disabled it just before entering the location and fought for about a minute or so, 1173 dropped immediately while 1169 held up for probably almost a minute. 1041 has rock-solid performance so I guess I’ll just stick to that version for MH for the time being.

1169.txt (74.3 KB)
1173.txt (67.4 KB)

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