More directories option in Canary

Thanks for adding this option. It made me organise my games within Citra emulator much easier. Before, I had one long disordered list of games and system files through which I had to scroll. Now, I have system files in one list and for the rest of the games I can make other directories and then I could show and hide the list of games within the directory/directories I wish to see or not to see now. And not only that, I can also move the directories up and down as I wish.
My only complaint is that the “Open Directory Location” will always result in “Folder does not exist!” error, even though the folder does exist on my HDD obviously, otherwise, Citra would not be able to list the games in that directory.

Thanks for the heads up. I commented on this in the pull request.

So, now, this feature is gone in latest Canary build. Why? Why did you get rid of this function? Are there chances for it to return? For now, I am using previous build, since I don’t want to go back to the long disordered list of games.

Reminder that Canary is for code that is still under review or experimental code. The code for this currently conflicts with the master branch and was removed due to Canary builds failing. It will return once the code is rebased.

game folders are back again