Motion control on Citra

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I’m really sorry if this has already been posted on here but I couldn’t find a topic. Is there a way to emulate the gyro/motion of the 3DS using Citra? I can’t see anything in the settings or on the forums.


Right click on the touch screen and move your mouse.
It’s not too good yet but it’s better than nothing. Patches welcome :wink:

(Someone trying to play Kirby? :stuck_out_tongue: )


Ah right, I’ll have to give that a go. I’m not sure if there’s a better way of doing to be honest… Maybe somehow get the gyro of the switch pro controller compatible with the emulator? That would be the mad notes, but I have no idea if that’s even technically possible.

Oh, and the game was Yoshi’s Island :slight_smile:

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OH THANKS MAN!!! I was triyng to play Kirby!!!


do any one know how invert the up and down for the ultra wormholes in ultra sun and ultra moon. because is near impossible to control. and by any chance does anyone know how to make it controls like arrow keys or something like that?

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If you don’t like motion controls, go to Heahea City Game Freak offices and the Aether person will allow for you to change the controls to the circle pad.


thanks a lot. love the quick reply as well.

and whats with the evolution of Inkay cause you have to rotate the system dose it works with right click ?

Yes, it should work, because it was reported that it works.

Yeah. I opened a PR & @wwylele showed me that it was already doable. Just move the mouse upwards to the maximum extent. You can also try changing the tilt_clamp value in the qt-config.ini file to a slightly higher value than 90, like 95.

Thanks to BetteryJoyforCemu, Switch controllers are now capable of rumble and motion on PC. Cemu can be configured to use motion with this program (it previously had DS4 motion support already). May I ask the developers to take a look at this and see what it would take to make Citra compatible with this? I think offering real gyro controls is important considering how big a feature it was in games like OoT3D/MM3D and others, and the controller options have come a long way in the past year.

I also wanted to ask if there’s been any consideration of the Wii U gamepad, since that would be the ultimate solution for touch+gyro, just like on a real 3DS. The dolphin developers had some success getting it connected and streaming on PC, but I don’t know how far they went with it.

A developer is currently looking at reworking the input code with many features including gyro support (based off some of the code of cemuhook IIRC). A Wii U gamepad would require custom drivers to connect directly to a PC, but I suppose if a Wii U Homebrew forwarded the inputs over the network it’s possible (though not planned AFAIK).

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Great to hear that it’s being worked on. Is the idea that gyro will be configurable with a range of controllers (DS4+Steam+Switch), or is just one being targeted? I assume Steam would make the first two options much easier than the Switch Pro.

The gamepad would be great in theory, but I do wonder whether enough people have one to make it worthwhile.

It should support multiple controllers

If you go to gamefreak office in akala, in the first floor talking with the aether man in the corner you can change the motion controls to the circle pad.

That has already been mentioned in this thread, please don’t revive answered topics.