Multiplayer issue

well same here
i open ultra sun on latest citra MSVC (with multiplayer) , conect to multiplayer and start the game then suddenly the game stop i dont know what the hell happen with multiplayer mode
cpu; intel pentium ® J3710 @ 1.60 GHZ
4 GB RAM, 500 GB ROM
GPU; Intel pentium ® HD graphic
GPU memory 2.1 GB
Citra version ; Citra-qt
Note: Sorry for my bad english. my grammar is weak :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Please don’t bump old threads without a good reason.
Don’t hijack threads. Create a separate support request, & do upload the log file.

Try again using the latest MinGW Canary from the installer.

Exactly what build are you using. We only support official builds from the website, The latest Canary doesn’t have multiplayer so you have to use an older build in the mean time. You haven’t stated the game.

He did state the game.