Multiplayer Lobby - No option to forwards my ports in vodafone station

Hey there. I just started using Citra for content in my youtube channel. We tried to create public and unlisted lobbys several times, but since we didnt do any ports we cant connect. I know I have to outward a port for it, but thats a option I simply dont have in my Vodafone station, since its using a shared IP4. Is there any other way to make this possible? Do we both need to port forward or just the creator of the room?

Thank you in advance! Very much! Pls help me! :smiley:

In order for us to provide better support, we need to see the log generated by Citra. This guide will walk you through how you can obtain the log file: How to Upload the Log File.

Only the host needs to open the ports. If they are unable to, you can try like Hamachi or ZeroTier then host unlisted and then use the Direct Connect to Room option. Insert the virtual IP that is generated by these software.

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Allright. We tried it with Hamachi, but the one who´s joining the lobby keeps disconnecting. Not sure how to fix… any suggestions? :confused:

What game is it? Some games rely very heavily on good latency.

Its Ultrasun and moon. But since its everytime the person which connected I think it isnt the latency (since mine at least is fine)

You and them could try change DNS to improve routing, such as Cloudflare’s or Google’s:

Then reboot the computer to make sure it’s in effect.

If you are currently using WiFi, try switch to Ethernet as it is more stable.

You can check what the ping is like if you open cmd.exe as admin then type ping -t hamachi-ip replace their-hamachi-ip with their actual Hamachi IP.
If it spikes a lot or you get request timed out then that would most likely be why.

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Hamachi keeps being difficult. So I ordered an upgrade for more money per month so I can forward ports in my Vodafone router. Geez. So I told my router 24872 is a free tcp port, ergo forwarded it. But my friend still cant connect. Did I miss smth?

Citra uses UDP, not TCP though it doesn’t hurt to open for both just in case.

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You are my personal hero! It´s working. Thank you very much!

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