Multiplayer Problems: NSMB2

Ok, first of all, is the multiplayer function becoming Pokémon/Smash only? I know NSMB2 is a compatible game, but after the following happened, I became frustrated.

There are a few Pokémon rooms and a Smash room constantly hosted, and I can connect to these rooms without a problem. If these rooms are hosted by the devs, then I make a request for a NSMB2 room as well…this game is really being left in the dust.

I’ve seen people host NSMB2 rooms twice. For both times, when I try to connect, it throws me an error message telling me to make sure my connection settings are correct; but at the same time, I can connect to any of the other rooms.


Connecting to other rooms:

You need to port forward your router for you to correctly open a server.

I’m not opening servers, I’m just connecting to existing ones.

My real question is, why can I connect to all servers except for these two servers? Or NSMB2 servers? And who’s hosting the “dedicated” servers?

I don’t see any public NSMB2 servers at the time I’m writing this.

You can connect to other servers, because the people who are hosting those servers have their routers properly port-forwarded.

Whoever is hosting the NSMB2 server didn’t port forward properly.