Multiplayer - Streetpass?

So I’ve Already Read Online That Citra Doesn’t Have Streetpass Support But To Those Who Have A Little Bit Of Coding Knowledge Would It Be Possible To Use Citra’s Multiplayer System To Create A Streetpass Linking System Of Sorts? As An Example:
You Could Have Tomodachi Life Booted Up Then Maybe Right Under Multiplayer A Button Called “Streetpass” Could Be There Where If You Clicked It Would Randomly Select Another User That Has Streetpass Enabled And Then It Could Either Send That Player A Mii Or They Could Send You A Mii (As I Said This Was An Example A Bad One But An Example None The Less)

Also Thank You To Anyone Who Read Through That Tangent I Went On And Anyone Who May Have Answered Me :slight_smile:

If I recall correctly, Streetpass itself doesn’t use the same networking protocol as the local wireless stuff that our multiplayer rooms emulate. It requires connecting to Nintendo’s servers. Since we can’t do that, implementing some sort of alternative would be difficult.