Multiple question about hosting a multiplayer room

  • If me and my 2 brothers play on the same wifi, is there anyway other way for us to connect with each other without having to use a citra room? We play MHXX

  • I find “setup port forwarding in your router settings” a little too vague, for example: Which port? Is it 24872? It this port for LAN or for WAN? TCP and UDP? does my brothers need to forward this port for them to join my room too?

  • Which ip do I need to type in to “Direct connect to room”? Is it the host’s computer ip? Is there anyway I can see my room’s ip?

the port doesn’t really matter as long as it’s not being used by another process.
most default windows/router/modem configuration have LAN ports set to unprotected, so they can just use the direct connect using your ipv4 (ipconfig /all on cmd to see).


If you stuck to the defaults, yes.