Mute hotkey(+button) feature request

Hello, please no “opensource, make it yourself” answers. Not coding, learning programming lang just for one hotkey is a crazy suggestion, thanks.
There were requests for mute button and volume control and they wasn’t implemented. So maybe at least hotkey for mute? Most comfortable would be both, mute button in left corner of bottom bar and hotkey, but just hotkey will also do the trick.
And please don’t suggest to use emulation pause, it’s whole different thing, the purpose of mute for me is to be able to do different stuff while still playing, like speak to a friend, listen to audio sent to me, etc. So muting whole system is not an option.
Accessing it through menu right now is pain, neither using system’s volume control is a great solution. This function should be as simple as taping button. And as far as I know there’s nothing hard in this request as function is already present, the only thing needed is binding it to hotkey(+button), so please make this one possible, thanks!