My branches and code for unofficial builds

Well here’s a link to my branches it has a few stable optimizations here and there.

the branches are the next:

avx <- fixes slow downs when building with avx instead of sse
tangent_space <- implements tangent space normal maps and sends some work from the cpu to the gpu.
vertex-caching-remake <- improves vertex caching for the vertex shader.
texture-overhaul <- improves texture decoding/encoding.
autoskip <- this forces the emulated gpu to skip some frames. Have in mind that it only skips work done on the cpu, it currently does not skip rasterization.

I’m no longer contributing, but I hope some people can find a use for these.

EDIT: fixed autoskip to be less hacky.


I’m sorry to see you go. I was following a lot of your PRs on the GitHub and they were a good step in the right direction. I hope that you may change your mind in the future and continue contributing because your work is appreciated by me and quite a few others. Is the AVX build benificial to those of us with Intel CPUs? I use AVX2 in PCSX2 because it is the best option for my CPU, but I don’t know much about it.

Is there a particular reason you stopped contributing?

You will find the main answer around here.
I was keeping track of FernandoS27 activity in citras github page and of how shameful some receptions to his PRs were. Even if a lot of his work didn’t fit in yet(because you know, he was new there!) there was absolutely no need to bash over and over to someone who was contributing at free will. You can see that the situation erupted somewhere in IRC.

This text contains opinions which ofc are subjective

would prefer to keep it professional and avoid making a drama about it.

@Shinmegumi kinda, it fixes slowdowns when building with AVX. caused by both JITS.

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