My citra crashed while playing omega ruby and i cannot open citra again

Okay so basically i was playing omega ruby and i went onto a different window while it was open. When i came back to the game it said ‘Not Responding’. I closed it and tried to open citra again to get back to my game and it wouldn’t open. I removed and then recovered some files from the citra download and tried downloading citra again but nothing worked. Ive tried following some of the other suggestions but none of them worked. I cant even open citra, and everytime I try there is a little blue loading swirl next to the application and then it fades away. I also cannot even delete citra to redownload it as it says that the file is open. I had 12+ hours in this game and I would really appreciate it if I could get it back.

Can anyone help?

Please try a portable build to see if its an issue with your Citra installation:

Go to Download Citra - Citra and select Manual download . Then under Nightly Build , click on your operating system’s icon to the right of the latest build available to download the build.
Extract it (.7z can be extracted using Winrar or 7zip) and put it where ever you wish.
Inside the extracted nightly-mingw folder, create a folder called user . This Citra should now store all of its config, save files and such inside of this user folder.
Check to make sure that this user folder is in the same folder that contains citra-qt(.exe)
Now run the citra-qt executable found inside of the mingw folder.