My Citra doesn't show the game, but plays audio

I am playing Legend Of Zelda Ocarina of time but it does not show the game, only playing the audio. My gpu is supporting open gl 4.6.

My Specs:
Nvidia Geforce 940mx
8gb ddr4
DirectX 12
Intel Core i5 8250U
Windows 10

Here is my log from citra:
[ 0.000000] Frontend citra_qt/main.cpp:CheckForUpdates:473: Update check started
[ 25.797960] Frontend citra_qt/main.cpp:OnUpdateFound:486: No updates found
[ 58.488053] Frontend citra_qt/main.cpp:BootGame:612: Citra starting…
[ 59.119373] Render.OpenGL video_core/renderer_opengl/renderer_opengl.cpp:Init:488: GL_VERSION: 3.3.0 NVIDIA 391.35
[ 59.120431] Render.OpenGL video_core/renderer_opengl/renderer_opengl.cpp:Init:489: GL_VENDOR: NVIDIA Corporation
[ 59.120655] Render.OpenGL video_core/renderer_opengl/renderer_opengl.cpp:Init:490: GL_RENDERER: GeForce 940MX/PCIe/SSE2
[ 59.326154] Loader core/loader/ncch.cpp:Load:159: Program ID: 0004000000033500
[ 59.326812] Service.FS core/file_sys/ncch_container.cpp:OpenFile:113: Failed to open C:\Users\HP\AppData\Roaming/Citra/sdmc/Nintendo 3DS/00000000000000000000000000000000/00000000000000000000000000000000/title/0004000e/00033500/content/
[ 59.357973] Service.CFG core/hle/service/cfg/cfg.cpp:SetPreferredRegionCode:602: Preferred region code set to 0
[ 59.358861] Service.CFG core/hle/service/cfg/cfg.cpp:SetPreferredRegionCode:610: System language 1 does not fit the region. Adjusted to 0
[ 59.445134] Service.SRV core/hle/service/sm/srv.cpp:RegisterClient:48: (STUBBED) called
[ 59.446483] Service.SRV core/hle/service/sm/srv.cpp:EnableNotification:70: (STUBBED) called
[ 59.449635] Service.APT core/hle/service/apt/apt.cpp:GetLockHandle:255: (STUBBED) called applet_attributes=0x00000000
[ 59.487801] Service.APT core/hle/service/apt/apt.cpp:NotifyToWait:234: (STUBBED) app_id=768
[ 59.491596] Service.APT core/hle/service/apt/apt.cpp:AppletUtility:454: (STUBBED) called command=0x00000007, input_size=0x00000004, output_size=0x00000001
[ 59.492559] Service.APT core/hle/service/apt/apt.cpp:AppletUtility:454: (STUBBED) called command=0x00000004, input_size=0x00000001, output_size=0x00000001
[ 59.512130] Service.GSP core/hle/service/gsp/gsp_gpu.cpp:AcquireRight:665: called flag=00000000 process=10 thread_id=0
[ 59.609203] Service.DSP core/hle/service/dsp_dsp.cpp:LoadComponent:150: Firmware hash: 0x4b1ec1487e523c5a
[ 59.609916] Service.DSP core/hle/service/dsp_dsp.cpp:LoadComponent:154: Structures hash: 0xd194fc96db654a27
[ 59.610546] Service.DSP core/hle/service/dsp_dsp.cpp:LoadComponent:159: (STUBBED) called size=0xBE0C, prog_mask=0x000000FF, data_mask=0x000800FF, buffer=0x0054CC8C
[ 59.611871] Service.DSP core/hle/service/dsp_dsp.cpp:RegisterInterruptEvents:251: Registered type=2, pipe=2, event_handle=0x0009001E
[ 59.612260] Service.DSP core/hle/service/dsp_dsp.cpp:GetSemaphoreEventHandle:176: (STUBBED) called
[ 59.612641] Service.DSP core/hle/service/dsp_dsp.cpp:SetSemaphoreMask:473: (STUBBED) called mask=0x00002000
[ 59.613297] Audio.DSP audio_core/hle/hle.cpp:PipeWrite:149: Application has requested initialization of DSP hardware
[ 59.613577] Service.DSP core/hle/service/dsp_dsp.cpp:SetSemaphore:274: (STUBBED) called
[ 59.617760] Service.DSP core/hle/service/dsp_dsp.cpp:SetSemaphore:274: (STUBBED) called
[ 59.643050] Kernel.SVC core/hle/kernel/svc.cpp:CreateThread:750: Newly created thread must run in the SysCore (Core1), unimplemented.
[ 59.701346] Service core/hle/service/service.cpp:ReportUnimplementedFunction:162: unknown / unimplemented function ‘SetInternalPriorities’: port=‘gsp::Gpu’ cmd_buf={[0]=0x1e0080, [1]=0x19, [2]=0x1a}
[ 60.454800] Service.HID core/hle/service/hid/hid.cpp:GetGyroscopeLowCalibrateParam:342: (STUBBED) called
[ 60.710124] Service.NDM core/hle/service/ndm/ndm.cpp:SuspendScheduler:115: (STUBBED) called
[ 60.711502] Service.APT core/hle/service/apt/apt.cpp:AppletUtility:454: (STUBBED) called command=0x00000004, input_size=0x00000001, output_size=0x00000001

Any help would be appreciated, thank you!

Oh and I do have the latest Nvidia Driver.

try to change Shader Emulation from CPU to GPU (vice-versa) and/or disable/enable Accurate Hardware Shader.

how do i do that?. Is it on the actual citra app.

Im using the nightly build btw

Can you try using the Canary build?

same issue. Still won’t show the game, only playing the audio.

How did you dump the game?

My friend dumped his game to play it on his laptop, and then gave a copy to me

Sorry, but that counts as piracy, which is not supported on these forums. You are expected to dump your own games.

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Emulators are piracy.

Emulators are legal to use with your own ROMs.

Actually most people use emulators because they don’t own the console and game that they need to play those games, in my country piracy is not punished. And there are websites filled with roms that other people extracted from their consoles for people to play them. Emulators are piracy.

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Emulators by themselves are legal. They don’t include any ROMs or any illegal files. It’s not our fault that users use illegal ROMs on a emulator. We can’t really change our users’ attitude. The best we’re doing against that is providing guides on dumping games and warning when piracy is mentioned, since Citra doesn’t support piracy.

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