My first experiences with the emulator

Just thought I’d give some feedback, given my hardware configurations and software I tested.

I don’t have many 3DS games so I could only test 3 of them: Kirby Triple Deluxe, Smash and Pokémon Sun.

My machine is a Dell laptop which uses the 64 bit version of the Nvidia GT 740M (the worst version of this GPU), and a Dual Core i5 CPU, as well as 4 gb RAM, and Windows 10. Overall I didn’t expect to achieve playable results on any games so I was positively surprised that they ran somewhat well.

Kirby Triple Deluxe had the best performance. A few hiccups specially on transitions between stages or cutscenes, but 60fps most of the time. Bless Kirby.

Smash had the worst performance in my experience. It does reach 60fps at some points but drops to around 40 a lot. It had best performance on the PictoChat stage since I suppose there’s less 3d rendering going on on that stage.

Pokémon Sun worked surprisingly well, I really wasn’t expecting it to be playable. It gets to 30 fps with a lot of audio lag and frame drops mostly on the cutscenes, but it’s playable. I set the emulation speed to 120% to have the game run a bit more fluid and turned off the sound for better results.

On the future I plan on testing it on Linux as well and provide the feedback I can. It’s great to know so much progress was made on this emulator on such a short time.


Could you further specify your i5 model and at which clock speeds it is running?