My save file from Link's Awakening doesn't open

Hello everyone, I have a problem trying to load a save game from link’s awakening. The game starts normal, but when I select my save file, the game loads a black screen with only audio and few seconds later, yuzu crashes. If I create a new game, it works fine. I have been playing this game for a while and don’t know what it could be.
Can you help me solve this please?
yuzu_log.txt (492.8 KB)

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It could be 3 things, the save is damaged, you are not running the game updated to the version the save used, or newer, or the stable 60 fps mod is bothering, test with it disabled.

I tested without the stable 60 fps mod but didn’t work. The game version is the same as when I started playing. I guess my save is damaged then, is there a solution for this? Or I will have to start a new save?

Can you test that save in another PC? Most likely it’s irrecuperable.

Yes I will try it. Thank you for the support!

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