NDS Compatibility for Online Multiplayer

I was just wondering if there is support for older NDS titles in Citra or if there is going to be. DeSmuME works quite well, but since Citra has servers for multiplayer; my thought was that Citra could expand online game support for NDS titles because Nintendo ended support for all regular DS games a long time ago.

I thought DesMuMe have multiplayer support.

Okay. Did some search and there used to be a local multiplayer support on DesMuMe but it was sabotaged by a certain dev. More story about that incident before is right here.

I do recall myself playing and trading in Pokemon Diamond back at 2012. Sadly, I don’t have those anymore.

About Citra having NDS support? Nope and no plans to do so yet. Wish it could.

I have a DS flashcart and I remember hearing a way to set up online multiplayer using that. But I’m not sure if they managed to get it working or if they’re still around. Also that’s terrible that someone would sabotage new features for an emulator.