Need help for the font missing i have the user Folder

i have the user Folder but i dont know the process to put it in citra.
I have a Mac OS.
I cani find in local the Folder citra emu, and in the game it still tells me that i still have the front missing
Help please i love pokemon.

Have you installed Citra with the installer on the official website?

See the user directory page for the location on Mac.

Yes from this website
Now i dont know where do i have to go to put the user Folder.

the Folder share is empty there isnt the Folder of citra so i dont know if i have to create one.

Alternatively, you can right click on a game on the game list and select Open Save Data Location (this will open the save folder which also located in the user folder) and go back a couple of directories until you reach the citra-emu folder.

i found this Folder sbarchino on the computer what do i do?

What happens if you right click on a game in Citra’s game list and select “Open Save Data Location”, like @Leo121 said?

there is nothing

You have to right click in Citra itself.

then i went here
(Mod snip: the screenshot contains a link to a illegal ROM download site)
but as you can i cant find save or data or location