Need Help in Game Completion

Hi! I just reached the end of Pokemon Moon but after defeating champion, the game freezes. Please someone complete this game for me. I shall be thankful to him\her. After that, send me completed version of my game in the comments. Please help me!:sob::sob::sob:
Link to the save game:

What Citra version are you using?

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running a low PC so just only please complete game for me nothing else! I just want to someone to complete game!

It stucks at hall of fame!

Iā€™m just asking what Citra version you are using, afaik that bug should have been fixed a long time ago. What does it say on the titlebar?

The titlebar is up here:

You should fill out the support template to include OS, CPU, GPU etc. And a log file: How to Upload the Log File

!!! nightly 1183