Need help on Android

I’m pretty new to 3DS emulators, so forgive me for being dumb here.

I’m trying to play a ROM hack of Omega Ruby on my phone. The game works fine, however I’ve noticed a couple issues I don’t know how to resolve.

It seems on Android there is a particular graphical bug with Blue Pokemon appearing pale/ghostly. I guess the fix is to change a setting for accurate multiplication, which is not an option I see in my settings.

I also cannot do cheats. This confuses me because there’s two ways of doing them, one is that apparently there’s supposed to be an option for cheats in the drop down menu. I don’t have that option. I saw some older versions had it, so I downloaded an older apk. However any apk I download does not have any menu at all. Nothing to change settings or anything. I can open a general menu in the initial home page of the app (which coincidentally did have that accurate multiplication option) but once I’m in the game I can no longer open any menus. Which sucks because, to me at least, the older apk’s have terrible button layouts. So I can’t even change that.

The other option is apparently you can add them in the files of citra. I can find that just fine. But the instructions aren’t very clear. All I find is “you need to get the game ID” ok??? Then what? I can’t upload/create a file to the folder, I can only create a new folder. Idk how you add cheats in this way. I’m not even trying to be crazy, I just want to get the TMs. Not trying to walk through walls or do wild modifiers or anything.

So basically, the current version of Citra in the app store has a drop down menu but no options for cheats or to fix the pale blue Pokemon. And no idea how to add cheats to the files.

Apk’s allegedly have a cheats option in the menu, however it’s inaccessible. They do however have a way to select the accurate multiplication to fix the blue glitch but I couldn’t test that since at the time there are no blue Pokemon to check.

In order for us to provide better support, we need to see the log generated by citra. This guide will walk you through how you can obtain the log file: How to Upload the Log File

The blue pokemon being displayed as white is a bug in the emulation with some device’s GPU drivers. There is nothing you can do about this for now. Accurate shader multiplication is found under the Graphics settings of the latest Citra official builds. It’s been there since the first official build was released. Though, I’m not aware of that actually solving the color bug yet.

The reason why you’re getting conflicting information is because there are unofficial builds that have implemented their own features and bug fixes, but they haven’t upstreamed most of those to Citra official. Hence the differences between different builds.

Citra official hasn’t had a cheats menu implemented yet. But the cheats functionality is implemented. You simply have to add them manually:

Create a new .txt file and enter your cheats in this format (you can do this using almost any text editor):

[Insert name of the Cheat code]
105B9A58 000002B2
105B9A5A 0000E1D0
105B9A5C 00004002
105B9A5E 0000E92D
105B9A60 00001005
105B9A62 0000E3A0
105B9A64 00000190
105B9A66 0000E000
105B9A68 00008002
105B9A6A 0000E8BD
104AB188 00003A32
104AB18A 0000EB04

Now name the .txt with the title ID of your game (which you can find here: and place it inside of the Internal Storage\citra-emu\cheats folder.

For example, Pokemon Ultra Moon’s cheat code file would be called 00040000001B5100.txt.


I’m a New french playe (soory for orthograph) and i have a big problem.
I respect all the conditions over my message, change the name .txt, “*citra_enabled” but only one of my three cheats are working perfectly I write like this :

[Pokémon Encounter Route 2 (R+Select)]
DD000000 00000104
DA000000 08C67566
B8CEC564 00000000
C0000000 00000006
D7000000 00001414
DC000000 00000002
D1000000 00000000
D2000000 00000000

[Lvl 100 aft battle 2nd PKMN (Press Y)]
DD000000 00000800
481FB284 08200000
481FB624 08200000
B81FB288 00000000
00000008 00200000
D3000000 00000000
B81FB628 00000000
00000008 00200000
D2000000 00000000

[(START+L)Wild Pokemon Shiny, (START+R)Disable v1.5]
6053ED8C E12FFF1E
0053ED80 E5C70004
0053ED84 EA000000
0053ED88 E5C71006
0053ED8C E12FFF1E
D0000000 00000000
580B9338 E5C70004
080B9338 EBF88290
D0000000 00000000
DD000000 00000208
0053ED84 E3A01001
D0000000 00000000
DD000000 00000108
0053ED84 EA000000
D0000000 00000000

Only the Lvl 100 work i don’t know why can you explain to me?..

I precise i have try all the configurations with the Start, Select, R L ZL ZR button but it still doesnt work…

We didn’t make the cheat codes, only the cheat system. The system is based on Luma’s system on the 3DS. Please verify whether the cheat code you’re trying to use actually work on the 3DS or not.