Need Help trying to rebuild .cxi file along with game update!

Hello I want to decrypt my sun copy to test with citra but update is not there so I can’t play battle videos. I tried 3dshackingtools but when I rebuild .3ds nothing happens. Please help.

This is unrelated to Citra, this question would be more appropriate on like gbatemp if it’s not covered in the faq or wiki.

If you manage to insert the update but run into errors in Citra then it would be :stuck_out_tongue:

Well I wanna test citra so this is related to citra, dumping games with updates should have a tutorial on the wiki

I understand, I basically meant the process of rebuilding a .cxi isn’t related to Citra.
If you manage to get it working, maybe you can contribute to the wiki so it gets added :slight_smile:

This is how I’m merging updates to the game’s ROM. Works well with the Pokemon games and Animal Crossing. I don’t have any other game to test, but I don’t see why it shouldn’t work with others as well.

  1. Extract the game content as well as update content in two separate folders
  2. Move the whole extracted RomFS folder from the update to the game’s RomFS and replace every existing file in there
  3. Replace the code.bin from the game’s ExeFS with the one from the update’s ExeFS
  4. Replace the game’s ExHeader.bin with the update’s ExHeader.bin
  5. Open ExHeader.bin in an Hex Editor (I use HxD for that), search for the update’s Title ID (it should be at offset 0x1C8) and replace it with the game’s Title ID
  6. Now rebuild the game and you are done!

I used DotNet3dsToolkit to unpack and rebuild the game

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You are a life saver dude!

Hey how can I extract a ROM?
I can’t understand this tool in the link you gave where is the option to unpack?

This isn’t necessary anymore. You can now dump updates as standard CIA files with GodMode9 and install them in Citra.