Need help with citra(files)

Hey guys noob here lol I need some help, I believe I’m missing steps I have read and can’t figure it out hopefully I came to the right place. In advance sorry if I break any rules.

So I got citra and know I can run it, I have 64bit os.
I got a (file).cia and tried converting it to (file).3ds using a converter.

I got a original (file).Cia and was supposed to get two more files. I got (file).cci.cia and didn’t get the (file).3ds

My error was can’t find exheader file

I have an injector so I guess my question is how to get/find header, how to inject it, and is there any other steps needed.

Thanks just trying to get (file).Cia to work sounds like I need to convert it, put header in, also curious if I have to dump anything from my 3ds as card

Please follow the dumping cartridges or installed titles guide. Also you will probably need to dump the system files as well as a lot of games will need it.

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so before i get started i keep reading something about homebrew on the 3ds. if i have the SDcard can i plug that into my laptop and do the same thing or do i have to have a 3ds? ive read you can do it without a 3ds just curious.

the places you pointed me to helped alot. so one do i have to have a “hacked” 3ds, two do i have to have a flashcart to run homebrew on my 3ds? also is there anyway to take stuff from my SDcard to make this work?

@mike5050 You need homebrew to be able to dump your system files. However, to dump games (if you’re on 11.2+) you’ll need Decrypt9/Godmode9 with A9LH.

You do not need a flashcart. Simply drag homebrew into the correct location on your SD card and the homebrew launcher will allow you to use homebrew applications.

If you’re referring to simply grabbing files off your SD Card without having homebrew/A9LH, then no. An excellent guide to getting homebrew/CFW is located here:

(Warning: Do not follow video guides for this process as they will more than likely be outdated and could potentially brick your 3DS or cause errors in general)

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@mike5050 To add, as long as the firmware isn’t 11.4 you should be able to install arm9loaderhax and CFW. Most 3DS in stores shouldn’t have it as it’s a recent update. The guide Flamboyant_Ham linked was recently updated to take into account 11.3. So any firmware 11.3 or less should be safe. You will find better assistance for this topic at 3dshacks discord. Minor side note, please don’t double post.

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thanks guys you have been really helpful. so just to make sure there is no way to run any program PC and achieve the same thing with only the SDcard plugged into the computer?

Currently, game are only able to be decrypted from your 3DS. Therefore, you most have access to a 3DS in order to dump your games and run them in Citra.

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So I have bravely default n SDcard if I use my kids n swap my SDcard n game in it should I be able to do it? And also does the Homebrew change anything on the Ds? I mean if I switch it back to her SDcard will it be normal when she uses it? Cuz I want to play the game but don’t have a DS

Thanks again

I don’t get what you’re saying here, but the hard requirement is that you own a 3DS, and you own a game digitally from the e-shop or physically on a cartridge…

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