Need help with Dragon Quest 8

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hey, i wanna play dragon quest 8 on the 3ds emulator.

problems: 1. i have no full screen. the screen is just in the middle top of the emulator. i want a full picture/size. how i do that?

  1. my xbox one controller doesnt work. the emulator doesnt react on it? how can i make it work? does citra has no xinput or something?

  2. i want to use cheats. max level and max strength and so on. i dont want to level and shit.

please help me guys

System Information

  • Operating System: windows 10
  • CPU: amd 3600
  • GPU: amd rt 5700 xt
  • Citra Version (found in title bar): newest i think, downloaded from main site
  • Game: dragon quest 8
  • Screenshot of Issue (include the full Citra window including titlebar):

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  1. You can change layouts in the View menu or in the Graphics settings in Citra. The hotkey to cycle through layouts is F10. Toggle fullscreen with F11. Keep in mind that 3DS’s top screen is 400x240 which is not 16:9 aspect ratio so you will have black bars on the sides.

  2. It doesn’t? Are you on the latest Citra?

  3. You can find cheat codes over at:


bro i downloaded it from the main site of citra

it must be the latest or not?

how do i install cheats?

Both Nightly 1554 and Canary 1764 should support it, if not I will try bring this up to get more information.

You can add cheats while the game is running if you go to Emulation->Cheats… then add them one by one.


it looks like that now, but my characters are still lvl 1 with normal stats and i have only 50 gold.

but i can fly now, wtf? i can fly trough the air with pressing Y.

Right, cheats that require you to press buttons won’t work.


my game crashed

You can expect crashes when using cheats, remove those that don’t work.


bro the button cheats worked. i pressed l+x and now i have 999999 gold.

Oh really? This is news to me :stuck_out_tongue: Good to know! :slight_smile:


do you know how i change the language?
its the europe version, i want it in german.

its on english right now.

Try set region to EUR in the General tab in Citra configuration and then set language to German in the System tab. Not sure if you also need to set Country to Germany, might as well just in case.


i need to take pictures now
but it says “problem with sd card, you cant make pictures”

so what do i know?

I guess transfer the save to your Nintendo 3DS and do that there, then transfer back. Use Checkpoint: for that.

Here are guides to dump later:


but i will have that problem than anytime i need an sd card.

I haven’t played the game much on Citra but I’m able to take photos just fine, they save in \sdmc\DCIM\100NIN03
Here is a sample:

Citra Window:

However I did transfer my save from my Nintendo 3DS so probably because of that it is working. I don’t feel like replaying it right now to reach the part in the story to take pictures :stuck_out_tongue:


So why do you think I have that problem?