Need help with installing nightly build on Mac

Hi guys!

I’m new to this forum so idk if this is the correct way of asking help, but a try could be worth it. I need help with installing citra on my mac. I tried to follow these steps: I don’t understand any of it… I did install the necessary files, but I still have one big question mark. I hope someone can help me out :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance! <3


If you want the nightly build, you don’t need to go through that guide. Instead, click the Apple download link ( Once that downloads, you can extract the files using Unarchiver, which is a free app on the Mac app store. After that, open the extracted folder, click on Citra-qt and the program should open. (Hold control while you click on it if you get a message saying the program can’t be opened because it comes from an unknown developer).

This only works for the nightly build. I also can’t figure out how to build the bleeding edge version even with the guide and would appreciate any guidance in that regard.

Easy to build the bleeding edge version on Mac. Here:

For the first time. It’s recommended that you use homebrew to install dependencies. You’ll need to download and install the following to build Citra:

/usr/bin/ruby -e “$(curl -fsSL”

Brew install pkconfig
Brew install sdl2
Brew install qt5
Brew install cmake

For Citra Bleeding Edge:

  1. git clone --recursive -b bleeding_edge

Wait while it is in progressing

mkdir citra-build (citra-bleeding-edge) (use it if you are the first timer & after that you will not need it)

  1. cd citra-bleeding-edge

  2. mkdir build; cd build


  4. export Qt5_DIR=$(brew --prefix)/opt/qt5

  5. cmake … -GXcode

  6. xcodebuild -config Release -project citra.xcodeproj -target citra-qt

That’s it. It works for me. Please click “HEART” if you like it.

EDIT: Just don’t bother with Bleed Edge for now because it will crashes in 10 minutes of playing: Out of Memory. They are investigating it now. Just use Nightly Build for now. However, you can make a note for the future. :slight_smile:

Please don’t post random build scripts when it doesn’t even relate to the question, and when the question is a few months old - the author asked for nightly, not BE.