Need Help with new update wont run on intel hd 2000

Issue: when i try to run a game on the latest update of citra it either gives me a black screen
or i get visual glitches like characters not rendering correctly

  • Operating System: windows 10
  • CPU: intel i3-3240T CPU @2.90hz
  • GPU: intel hd 2000
  • Game: almost every game since the last update

some help would be aprreciated
sorry for my bad english

Change the Shader Emulation to CPU in the Graphics tab.

will intel 2000 hd ever be compatible with the new citra update?

Is the Shader Emulation set to CPU?

it works just fine with cpu
but i wanted to try gpu for more speed looks like it doesnt work with gpu :frowning:

This feature is still work in progress. That’s why it’s only in Canary. It’ll be fixed eventually. Use CPU in the mean time.

ok thanks for the reply