Need some help with buying processor for citra(and possibly graphics card)

Hi guys! i currently have intel pentium g630 2.70 Ghz and it run shit on citra.Normally it is 27 fps but drops to 8-14 fps on cutscenes and gpu .So i’m planning to buy i3-7350k .My question is that will the 7350k enough to play citra on at least 30fps? and my another question is that since i have asus gt 210 graphics card,will i have to buy a good one?Preferrably 1050ti.Also what is the use of gpu in citra if most of work is done by cpu(sorry for noob question).I would appreciate if someone can answer my questions.Thanks in advance.

1st thing: Don’t buy computer parts just for Citra. Citra is constantly changing, and the requirements will change too.

If you’re just buying the parts for general use, that’s out of Citra’s scope. Citra’s main requirements are a 64-bit OS and a OpenGL 3.3 capable GPU, and the recommended single core performance score is 1800 or higher in this list:

If you have more questions or you need specific part recommendations, PM me.

Thank you for taking my time to see my post and replying it,but i don’t know how to pm you in this type of forum,can’t seem to see the pm button on your profile page. So what can you recommend me for a cpu for good stable fps performance for any games on citra,i wanna have a cpu that can handle good fps on citra as well as cemu(wanna run breath of the wild).Also won’t the i3-7350 would be able to breeze through citra considering it has a score of 2473,whic is way higher than the 1800 threshold for good frames?

The i3-7350K is good for emulation, but isn’t for monetary reasons. You would need to buy a Z270 motherboard, while you can get a i3-7100 + B250 combo WAY cheaper.

So,you saying i3-7100 is good for emulation purposes,such as citra and cemu? If thats the case then gonna buy it then. Btw what gpu can you recommend for emulation purposes?

Citra doesn’t have any GPU requirements, but Cemu is a little bit heavy on the GPU. The GTX 1050 or 1050Ti will do the job.

Ok then,thanks,i recently saw a i3-7100 with a gigabyte motherboard combo at amazon on 231$ which is pretty nice combo. So i saw on wiki that citra favours integrated graphics a lot,so is i3-7100 would run good on citra and my second question would be why citra doesn’t have any gpu requirements,it seems pretty weird to have a 3ds emulator to not using gpu processes at all whereas ppsspp or possibly desmume would require a lot from my gt 210.

Citra is purely CPU intensive. The GPU is only used for scaled resolution, and even the low-end GPUs that barely support OpenGL 3.3 can run Citra without bottlenecking (except if you’re going to run Citra at 4K scaled resolution).

Ok,thank you for explanation,but one last question,isn’t it is possible to use B250m on i3-7350k too? B250m also supports 6th and 7th gen cpus. So i was thinking if i could use i3-750k with the B250,albeit i’m not into overclocking right now.

You shouldn’t buy the i3-7350K if you don’t want to overclock it.

Ok,got it,then 7100 is a processor to buy then.Thank you for helping me getting a good cpu and gpu. You guys are awesome!

it mainly depends on the citra build, if it is the most recent build those specs could run at around 60-80 fps

I’ve got a new one with i7 8700k and gtx 1060 6gb and all games ran on 31 fps for some reason like on my friend’s 3ds.Is there any method to make games run at 60 fps?

Not all games are 60fps. Some are hardcoded to run at 30fps. If you get 100% speed, then are you getting full speed.

Um…okay.But what about alpha sapphire? I gets 105%,does that mean there is 60% capability?

100% means you’re getting full 30 or 60 fps. Not sure where getting that 60%.

Oops…Meant 60fps not 60% my mistake.