Needs some help

hello. if Flamboyant_Ham is still here? because i got a question regarding about their How to Upload the Log File topic. at the part were it says " upload it and post the link. " i don’t really understand were i have to post the link? like do i post the link to you or in the Powershell ? sorry if this is a stupid question i have a hard time reading instructions and its easier for me to watch videos and see pictures on what i need to do.

thank you for reading.

If you have any problems with Citra, then make a new topic with the template filled in (it requires for the log to be pasted there).

You can upload the log with the upload button in the text editor. blank.txt (33 Bytes) or copy the full log into something like pastebin and and link to it.

ok, thanks for the help

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