Netplay Issue: Unable to Connect

Whenever I attempt to join any public room i get an error saying “Unable to connect to host. Verify the connection settings are correct”, and I have no idea how to fix it.

I get the error of “you are using a different version of Citra-Local-Wifi™ then the room you are trying to join” any advice?

there is a backwards compatibilty break with some new updates. the rooms are supposed to be updated really soon

We’re in the process of pushing out the update to our lobbies now.

There have been some multiplayer fixes in the latest Canary that aren’t compatible with older versions. If you get that error message again, make sure you are running the latest version of Canary.

UPDATE: Updates to the servers are now live, please update to the latest Canary version.

hi i have the same problem how should i fix this pls help me i want to trade my pokemon

What version of Citra are you using?

Tengo el mismo problema ayuda porfavor

did you find a fix? i need help