New Citra Canary Update Error

Hi there. So I recently just downloaded the new Citra Canary update that just released 3 hours ago. When I opened the main Citra-qt.exe file however, it gives me errors of missing files in the directory. Anyone know how to fix this?

In order for us to provide better support, we need to see the log generated by Citra. This guide will walk you through how you can obtain the log file: How to Upload the Log File.

This has noting to this has nothing to do with the log file, but instead it’s about missing files. I checked and it looks like some files are missing from the lates Canary build

could be a failed build

I’m honestly leaning towards that. Plus the file size of the new build is actually smaller than the last build

it happend to me too, it says that theres alot of missing files for me

I say just manually download the last version before the corrupted one

What was the last version coz this happened to me too

well, the nightly version isnt corrupted, so im going to use it lol

I mostly use Nightly so I’m not really effected by this. I still would download both though

hmm… what is the difference between the two versions??

Canary has some extra features that Nightly doesn’t. However it’s a bit less stable than Nightly and most of the extra features are not rested yet

Same here, some new updates from the maintenence tool and now nightly is missing the same .dll as canary

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This is a known issue with our build system, a fix is already in the works. An update will be pushed out when it’s finished.

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It happened to me as well, right now I am downloading the latest build 1822, the build earlier was 1819 which was I think unfinished build.