[New Guide] How to install Smash 3DS Mods on Citra

This is an updated guide of the previous one. But this time with the LayeredFS support since the last one I made 2 years ago didn’t have LayeredFS but it’s still useful for those who are using an older build if Smash runs poorly in the new build


  • Modded 3DS with Luma CFW
  • Homebrew Launcher(for dumping NAND)
  • Super Smash Bros for Nintendo 3DS game
  • Super Smash Bros for Nintendo 3DS Update 1.1.7 (Optional: DLC)
  • SaltySD
  • A mod that you want to install
  • Citra 3DS Emulator


  1. Installing Hacked 3DS and dump the game and update
  2. Download SaltySD.
  3. Download the latest Nightly Build or Canary Build

Dumping things from the 3DS:
Before you start playing the emulator, you have to dump these stuff. Sadly, I’m not allowed to share shared_font.bin , NAND , or game’s update as it’s considered warez.
To dump shared_font.bin or other files from the 3DS, go to these 2 links.
-Dumping System Archives and the Shared Fonts from a 3DS Console
-Dumping Config Savegame from a 3DS Console

If you don’t know how to dump the game and the update from the 3DS, here it is:
Digital Dump:

  1. Open Godmode9(requires CFW) by holding the START button while booting
  2. [A:]SYSNAND SD/title/00040000/000edf00/content/
  3. Select the biggest .tmd file
  4. Look at the bottom screen and select TMD file options and Dump CXI/NDS file

Physical Dump:

  1. Open GodMode9 by holding the START button while booting
  2. [C:] GAMECART
  3. Select 00040000000edf00.trim.3ds(Europe: 00040000000ee000.trim.3ds)
  4. Select NCSD image options and Decrypt file (0:/gm9/out)

Dumping Game Update:

  1. Open Godmode9 by holding the START button while booting
  • [A:]SYSNAND SD/title/0004000e/000edf00/content/ <—US
  • [A:]SYSNAND SD/title/0004000e/000ee000/content/ <—EUR
  1. Select the .tmd file
  2. Look at the bottom screen and select TMD file options and Build CIA (standard) or Build CIA (legit)

Installing SaltySD and Mods:
Now that you have code_saltysd_117_{REGION}.ips, you have to rename it to code.ips and put it on load/mods/{Smash Bros Title ID}/exefs or load/mods/{Smash Bros Title ID}/romfs_ex.

After this, use this template and put it where it should be.

Well. Installing mods on an emulator is the same as installing mods on your 3DS.

  1. Download a specific mod that you like on Gamebanana(http://gamebanana.com/games/5683 ), GBATemp(mainly this one(http://gbatemp.net/threads/smash-3ds-texture-hack-thread.417509/ ) and this one(http://gbatemp.net/threads/smash-3ds-modding-centre.459132/ ), or other sites.
  2. Extract the ZIP file. If the mod contains a model folder or other folders, place them inside smash folder and you’re done.
  3. Open Smash 3DS and wait for it to load (some modpacks like USM-eM, Neos, and Turbo’d will load too slow. That’s normal)
  4. Enjoy!

Now there are some mods that doesn’t properly organized.
ie: A Mario 64 Mod with only c04 and h04 and chr_00_Mario_05.tex
You have to manually place those files to a certain folder. Read the Instruction.txt to locate a certain file.


  • Citra Emulator
  • Dump shared_font.bin and NAND
  • Dump game and game’s update
  • Move them to their respective folder
  • Install CIA on the emulator
  • code_saltysd_117_US.ips/code_saltysd_117_EUR.ips should be named code.ips
  • user/load/mods/{titleID}/exefs or user/load/mods/{titleID}/romfs_ex
  • TitleID:
  • US: 00040000000EDF00
  • EUR: 00040000000EE000

Frequently Asked Questions:
You can read those there.

If you’re asking for a video tutorial, I’ll take it as a consideration. Honestly, it’s easy to mod Smash 3DS on Citra with LayeredFS now. No need to patch your own code.bin. If you’re wondering how to install High Poly Code, it’s basically the same way but instead of downloading SaltySD, just download the high poly code instead.

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