New Super Mario Bros. 2 HD Texture Pack 0.9.9

Hello! This is my HD texture pack page for NSMB2

This was initially just planned as a quick and easy GUI pack (no tiles / level textures), just to test things out and learn how to use the upscale models.
This pack was initially just a GUI mod. But eventually I upscaled the overworld textures, as well as the intro.
Update 0.9.9 Textures for level backgrounds, as well a most 3D models are also included

I do not plan to add any more substantial updates, and I do not plan to add level textures. Because of the way the game code renders the 2D levels, it is impossible right now to dump the level textures.

Most of the textures were upscaled using Cupscale and various ESRGAN models. For some few exceptions, some additional adjustments were made in Gimp. For even fewer exceptions, were the model upscale was completely broken, the texture was redone using additional resources. 99% of the source material are the dumped textures.

Model used:

  • 1x_artifacts_bc1_free_alsa
  • 1x_BCGone-DetailedV2_40-60_115000_G
  • 4x_Fatality_MKII_90000_G
  • 4x_FatalPixels_340000_G
  • 4x_BS_DevianceMIP_82000_G
  • 8x_NMKD-Typescale_175k
  • 8x_glasshopper_N64-SuperStars_195000_G
  • 4x_NMKD-Siax_200k
  • and probably some others

You can find what models on each texture by looking at the filename. I left original filename exported by Cupscale in order to better document my process. Citra only looks at the first part of the filename, it ignores the 2nd part


Full album here:

Download link:

Install guide:

  • Launch Citra
  • Right-click on “New Super Mario Bros. 2” and select “Open Custom Texture Location”
  • Extract the archive in the folder that just opened
  • Make sure that “Use Custom Textures” is enabled (in Emulation → Configure → Graphics → Enhancements tab)
  • Launch game and


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Sorry to bother you with a simple question but how do you install this for Citra?

Added a quick install guide to the post

Great work alxkiri, thanks for sharing! :slight_smile: The upscaled UI and textures look perfect.

I will definately use your texture pack when I’m going to start playing NSMB2 in the future. Now I also got curious to check out Cupscale and do some image upscaling.

I’ve edited the first post. The textures used in the intro were also upscaled. In fact, the imgur album includes an outdated title screenshot. I’ve also added that to the first post.

I have added upscaled textures for the level backgrounds, as well a most 3D models used in the levels.

The 2D sprites used in the levels are still not upscaleable, and won’t be anytime soon, as it was confirmed as unfixable by the devs.

I will update the top post.

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