New super mario bros 2 progress not saving

Im facing a problem playing NSMB2 in the Citra canary version build HEAD-3711d96. The progress does not save in it .The Citra Nightly does save the progress but not the Canary version .Is there a fix to that ?

Are you using the installer? Both Canary and Nightly share the same user directory by default so settings and saves will be shared as well. If there is a user folder present in the citra directory, then Citra will use that as the user directory for portable mode.

i just downloaded the emulators not sure what you mean by installer .May be i used the installer. But the problem is that i am not being able to save my progress now in both nightly and canary .While playing NSMB 2 .Before the progress was saving but now its not .Secondly NSMB2 is only running at 11 FPS on nIghtly .But in canary its fineplayable speed of 20 fps .But now for some reason cannot save when playing it in both versions.

Is there a user folder in the Canary directory?

yes i guess your talking about the folder that has the subfolders :Config,log,nand ,sdmc and sysdata ?

That’s the user directory which is where saves and settings are stored. By the default it’s located in %AppData%\Citra on Windows. If config, log, nand, sdmc and sysdata are in a folder called user folder within the Citra build folder (the one with citra.exe and citra-qt.exe), it will be in portable mode.


I see But how should i resolve the issue of not being able to save progress in game play on the map in NSMB 2 ?

Is this issue the same thing as the one you opened here? If so, then I misunderstood the issue.

yes its the same issue .I realized that since despite having more then 5 stars and the game getting stuck when i hit A to enter the mushroom house .The game progress is not saved .

OK so this is more technical than I thought. Closing this and moving the discussion there.