New super mario bross 2 hangs in stage 8-4

Citra emu hangs in stage 6-4 of new super mario bross 2 it says


with no reasons :frowning:
my system

windows 7 64 bits , I5 core 3.0 ghz with 8 gigas ram nvidia graphic card

it crashes the emu everytime i try :frowning: i can not pass this stage

So I tried to reproduce this issue in the latest Nightly and Visual Studio gave me this:

Exception triggered at 0x000001C8AD2090B0 in citra-qt.exe: 0xC0000005: Segmentation fault while reading at position 0x00007FEF13EAF7B0.

The class where it happens is ucrtbase.dll. This is no Citra file, so I can´t figure out what happens.
But for someone who can understand disassembly, the class file can be found here:
The segfault happens in line 77.

Also just in case, here is a NSMB2 save file if someone owns the game but hasn´t imported his saves into Citra:

I always get a crash in 3-Ghost House as well.

Here is my log:

Someone else already posted this on Reddit a few weeks ago, and I tried to investigate it. It seems to be connected to the other crash.