New update before and now = bad audio


the last two update have given me horrible audio… before these last two it was decent Any news on why?

Intel ® Core ™ i7-3770 CPU @ 3.50ghz -4.20 ghz 64bit 16Ram GTX 660

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citra_log.txt (192 Bytes)


Same here, but only in canary builds, nightly works perfect…


We know the source of the issue. Please wait for the fix.

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A quick workaround before we fix this issue: enable audio stretching in Emulation - Configure - Audio.


Alright i will try that out. And it is from canary build


same here, the last update didn’t fix it


So the only solution that I could find was getting back to an older build. try to get to the 490 build

sorry about my english.

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still no fix for this? :confused:


Copy the SDL2.dll file from Nightly releases to Canary.