New user Pokemon Ultra Sun Issues

Well I seem to be having issues playing it at all First issue i Had was the game would freeze and not load as first alohan scene plays. not the lilly runny away with nebby but the one where u see your house. Fixed that buy deleting 3ds file and reverted to 1.0

However, i like to cheat example i really like trying to completely fill Pokedex so my fav cheat is catch trainers pokemon however that makes it so you have to rebattle every trainer you catch a pokemon with.and yesterday made it pokemon trainers school but I could progress i kept repeating the same fight with 3 kids over and over and the fourth kid. It was stuck on a loop so once again had to delete the 3ds file but that erased my game save so ill need to start all over but now im not sure how to properly do that.

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first of all you have pirated the game and our community doesn’t support it in any way… so, we would be able to help you in such a matter…

Yah that is pirated roms… You have to dump your own roms from Nintendo 3DS… Downloading from other sources is termed as pirating a rom…
You must read the community guidelines before posting…

I am terribly sorry for the mistake . I will deleat my rom immedeatly . I have read the guidelines and from onwards i will not post any message which will violet any guideline . thank you for your help guy.

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moreover can you tell me what do you mean by dumping my own roms from nintendo 3ds
for i am very new person in 3ds roms and emulation and dont know any thing about it .

here is your information…

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thank you very much :smiley: : for your help .

I there is something i wont be able to understand then i will ask . you

I think that the procedures that they are telling me to do are not possible in windows since i am not able to understand what they are refering for it is too confusing . can you explain me in simple way so that i may be able to do it .

you can get many youtube videos… just watch them…