Nightly 976 Last version that opened

I updated to the latest builds both Canary and Nightly and both stop working. I deleted all the files on my system and did a fresh reinstall from the automatic option but It never worked either even restarting the computer. I manually install Citra and didn’t work either till I downgraded to version 976 nightly. everytime I try any newer version from 976 i pops a window saying “The application “” can’t be oppend.” 05%20PM

After that any other version it won’t open. I know my system is not the best but I been able to play games without any issues.

OSX Sierra 10.12.6
Intel Core i5
Intel HD Graphics 4000
10 GB Ram

  • Citra Version: 976

Diagnostic Log

citra_log.txt (21.0 KB)

Probably the same issue, seems like a issue that only affect mac os: