Nintendo big three


which of these 3 is the best for you and what is your favorite game per series

my favorites in each series are

Twilight Princess
New Super Mario Bros Wii


Hello, new here, but I have to answer here.
Sadly, I didn’t play any Mario games other than Mario Carts, and I doubt you could count these as real Mario games. Shame, I know, but that’s how it is for me.
As for Pokémon, it’s HeartGold too, though for me, it’s mostly because of retro feeling, since the original Gold was my first Pokémon game ever and it definitely hooked me to the franchise. Though, quite honestly, I like Crystal even more nowadays, because of all the gameplay changes they did there, so it’s still second on my list, even to these days.
And Zelda? Well, that’s no-brainer, Breath of the Wild. There’s no better Zelda game out yet and it shows the progress of not only Zelda series, but also the technology of Nintendo consoles.

I’m a die hard pokefan.

Zelda is my favorite series now, used to be pokemon before but pokemon just seems boring to me now.
Favorite game is breath of the wild.

All 3 you listed are also my favorite, lol.