Nintendo Switch home menu Yuzu emulation?

Can Yuzu emulate the Nintendo Switch home menu? It’s been a while since Yuzu supported the Album, Mii Editor, and Controller Menu applets when you installed the firmware, and there’s STILL no support for the Home Menu. Is it going to be featured in a another update? If you installed a game to the NAND, it would show up there.

someday in future maybe. No eta.

Will be firmware profile icons be available alongside the Miis you’ve made in the Mii Editor applet? Ryujinx has them, but not the Miis.

:person_shrugging: can’t tell you details about something that doesn’t exist yet.

Maybe if yuzu supported loading the Mii Editor applet during gameplay, you could create Miis from in game like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

As much as I’d love to speculate about it I’m going to be un-following the post.