Nintendogs without Mic?

I was trying to play Nintendogs Golden retriever and friends on Citra, I fixed it so it gets food framerate but the only problem is I can’t name my dog cause there’s no microphone option. Is there anyway I can bypass the naming process so I can play this game fully? I would love to.

I’ve already answered you on Youtube:
"You can’t use a microphone on Citra yet, it’s not implemented. The only way to bypass this would be to play the game on the real 3DS and export a save past the point where you have to use the microphone (or wait until the emulator support mic input)

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Oh, thank you. I didn’t see your reply

Any idea on when a microphone option would be implemented?

No idea, afaik, there is no one working on it right now. Check the progress reports on the official site ( from time to time, so you can always know the most important changes in the emulator