No camera, no cheats


Hello everybody,
To begin i’m sorry if I make spelling mistakes, I am French.

I have two problems, I downloaded Citra for the first time today and I realized that I could not activate the camera and add cheats, is I have no access to the settings… i don’t have the button “add cheat”.

System Information mac

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i don’t know about the camera settings, i don’t have a mac to test it but are there additional options under other menu? about cheats:

Guys, a i have the same problem.
i opne citra and the Pokemon, but if i open cheats tabs have nothing.
i tried to creat folder “cheats” and put all the “.txt”, but i dont have results, the table cheats continues not working.

I dont have idea to have to working the cheats.
My PC is MAC OS High Sierra and i dont know if there is a compatibility problem between the MAC OS and Citra.


On mac you have to put your .txt files on ~/.local/share/citra-emu/cheats